Fuel Storage

Self Bunded Tanks

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PETRO Box Cube Self Bunded Tank
Suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel, Kerosene, Lubricants, Petrol and Waste Oil.

The PC Cube is a market-leading 110% self bunded tank, with versatile under-hatch connections and an intelligent design certified for lifting when full (Up to PC6.6).

PETRO Liquitainer Self Bunded Tank

Fully designed and manufactured by PETRO Industrial in Thailand, the Liquitainer Self Bunded Tank sets the industry standard for fabrication quality, and paint finish.

Available in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft footprint, with and without a bunded pump bay housing.

PETRO Aviation Self Bunded Tank

Full range of Containerised Self Bunded Tanks (Double Wall) suitable for the storage and dispensing of AVGAS and Jet A1 Fuels.

PETRO Fire Rated Self Bunded Tank

Suitable for the safe storage and dispensing of Gasoline (Petrol), Aviation Fuels, Kerosene, Diesel and Lubricants.

API650 And cylindrical

With our local partners in the United Arab Emirates and India we can design and fabricate welded steel storage tanks for storing oil and other liquids approved to API (American Petroleum Institute) and options for both vertical and horizontal cylindrical tanks.