Fuel Testing & Treatment

On Site Test Kits
Brand - Conidia BioScience

FUELSTAT Diesel Fuels

FUELSTAT Diesel 15 minute ‘on-site’ test kits help reduce the microbial contamination that starts to develop, before it can get out of control quickly.

Adhering to ATSM International standard D8070-16. Without these regular testing can lead to corrosion and tank leakage, blocked filters and increased fuel consumption and engine failures. 

FUELSTAT Aviation Fuels

FUELSTAT Aviation test kits provide simple rapid detection of microbial contamination in jet fuel with a free digital app to verify results and capture data.

Approved by both IATA and JIG it is used by most major airlines, providing real time results.

Brand - Smart Filtration Solutions

Bulk Fuel & Oil Filtration

Smart Filtration Solutions is all about taking your preventive maintenance practices to the next level. Our goal is to help you protect your bulk fuel storage tanks, your fuel, and your expensive equipment by refusing entry of harmful contaminants.

Fuel Treatment

Kathon™ FP 1.5

Kathon™ FP 1.5 treats and prevents microbiological growth in hydrocarbon fuels. It is the world’s leading broad-spectrum preservative and disinfectant for treatment for diesel, kerosene and heating fuels. In contrast to Fuelclear’s M68 range, Kathon™ FP 1.5 is designed for industrial volumes of fuel.

FuelClear™ MB15

FuelClear™ MB15 Fuel Biocide is designed to combat microbial contamination and related operational problems in refined fuels including diesel, biodiesel, petrol, gas oil & kerosene.